Plan for the future

Up to date information and forecast functionality enhances planning & budget setting

As an industry, we are typically very reactive. The traditional way for obsolescence management of generating static reports complemented this approach as issues often occurred too late and that in turn led to costly downtime.

cALMS adopts a pro-active lifecycle management approach to ensure there are no surprises around the corner. By understanding which components are at risk of failure due to ageing, spares/replacements can be purchased in advance to ensure the issue is managed.

Ageing isn’t about how old your equipment is, it’s about knowing its condition and how it is changing over time. The facility within cALMS to turn the clock forward 1, 3 or 5 years gives an insight into which systems will require address. Budgets can then be set and justified based on potential expenditure thereby giving smoother cost profiles and converting any unknown unknowns into potential projects.

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