Meets your compliance and regulatory requirements

Be aware of the risks faced with ageing plant on your facility

Changes occur as a result of ageing on an installation. Regulations state that knowledge of those changes as well as an awareness of current good practice is central to the duty holders responsibility to conducting a 5 yearly review to prove that the safety case remains fundamentally sound. Following the launch of the KP4 guidance by the HSE, Oil & Gas UK released HSO84 - Guidance on Ageing Life Extension mindful that E,C&I equipment has a shorter lifespan than that of the installation.

Utilising the key elements of the Plan – Do – Check – Act principles, HSO84 recommends creating an inventory to provide a comprehensive list of components. Then determine the obsolescence status of each component thereby enabling you to understand whether there is a need for action to be taken. Finally, a risk assessment will then be used as a basis to define the course of action to be taken.